We developed the Little Bird brand with Jools Oliver to reflect the unique and modern approach to motherhood that she enjoys with her wonderful family. From gorgeous newborn baby outfits to stylish and fun unisex children’s clothes, the exciting Little Bird range is easily mixed and matched to encourage children to dress themselves.

Inspired by Jools’ own childhood memories of the Seventies and timeless iconic classics, Little Bird is a celebration of childhood and the freedom that every child should have to express themselves. Every season is always an eclectic mix of fun prints, vintage novelty, quirky nostalgic motifs and bright injections of colour. Key elements include bold stripes, vintage denim, classic florals, rainbows and toadstools. These elements create the brand handwriting and have become the highly recognisable signature style.

Each piece is designed with children in mind, and children who want to have fun! With many unisex shapes and prints that can be shared by brother and sister alike in the true spirit of childhood, the collection continues to inspire many parents to share photos of their children wearing their favourite pieces. 
Jools herself was a mothercare baby. Her mother kept and treasured the mothercare winceyette gown that Jools wore as a baby, and this was handed down to Jools for each of her own children to wear. Each Little Bird piece is designed to be shared and handed down to the next generation.

Having previously worked as a model and TV researcher, Jools is now totally committed to her family, and fits her commitment to designing the Little Bird range for Mothercare around playtime with her toddlers and the school run. It’s not the first time that Jools has drawn on her invaluable experience as a Mum; she wrote her first book, “minus Nine to One; The Diary of an Honest Mum”, a witty candid account of pregnancy and early motherhood. Jools was later inspired to write a traditional, innocent children’s book “the Adventures of Dotty and Bluebell”. A well-written story and true example of old-fashioned storytelling, this book resonated with her daughters and other children nationwide.
“It’s a real pleasure to be working with Mothercare on a new range, and offering a fresh take on what they do best – timeless, practical and adorable pieces.

With Little Bird, we’ve brought together lots of ideas that I’ve gathered over the last 14 years of having 5 children, to create an eclectic collection that’s easily mixed and matched by you and your brood. After all, having children is all about putting your personal touch on parenthood, and letting them express themselves as only a child knows how. I hope you find the range both practical and beautiful."